This page is about my hobbies

Playing the guitar

Guitar is the only instrument that I can play. I started to learn how to play it when I was 10 years old. I remember having
callus on my fingers and it hurts so bad. I learned it pretty fast and I could play many songs. Also, one of my elementary
classmate became my inspiration to improve my skills in guitar. He was far more talented than me and I always ask him
for tips to improve myself. After having my own laptop, I stopped playing my guitar because I got distracted by computer
games. I still play my guitar whenever I'm bored. It's fun to learn new songs and play it.


I grew up playing video games in my cousin's PC. Battle Realms, Counter-Strike, GTA San Andreas, and Devil May Cry
are my mostly played games. However, when my cousin got Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, it completely changed my
life. In WC3, there's this map called DOTA and it's a MOBA based on the characters in Warcraft. I was so amazed on
the gameplay and also it became big in the Philippines. All of the kids know how to play DOTA and I got so interested
I started playing the game since I was in Fourth Grade. I gave up at first because of its complex mechanics and I
cannot get a grasp of it. I stopped for about two years or so and started playing again when I was in sixth or seventh
grade. I played with my classmates and even played against random people for money. I always buy pizza when I win
LOL. In 2012, Valve took Dota and improved the gameplay and its graphics. I was lucky enough to be one of the first
few people who got the beta key. I love the game so much and I play it in my free time. It is the best game out there and
it is 100% better than League.